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Interview by Jennifer Steil


Interview in Rathalla Review by Cierra Miller

I had the opportunity to reach out to Tawni Waters, a novelist and poet. Tawni frequently teaches at Rosemont's MFA in Creative Writing Writer's Retreats.

Tawni Waters Answers "What Happens Next?" in an Interview by Adventures in YA Publishing

We're thrilled to have Tawni Waters join us to share more about her latest novel, THE LONG RIDE HOME.

Tawni, what was your inspiration for writing THE LONG RIDE HOME?

A New Look On Books: The Long Ride Home Blitz  + Guest Post

What was it like to write a character who is grieving?

Writing Harley was excruciating and cathartic at once. I lost my beloved father to a heart attack when I was about Harley’s age, but I’ve never written about the experience of losing a parent. I think it took me this long to come to a place where I can even begin to process the loss...

Interview by Curtis Smith on JMWW Blog


Interview for a Dreamcast of Beauty of the Broken on My Book, The Movie

Tawni Waters is an award winning writer and poet, and her work has been featured in The Best Travel Writing of 2010. She teaches creative writing in Phoenix, Arizona. Here she dreamcasts an adaptation of Beauty of the Broken, her first novel.

- Marshal Zeringue

Guest Post on Jean Book Nerd with Tawni Waters


One thing? Oh, man. It’s so hard to boil this down to one thing. I like to think I’m surprising on many levels. Kidding. I’m a weird woman, but I don’t know if that surprises people after they’ve read my work for a while. 

Interview with Daniel Wallace, Editor of Siren Song by Tawni Waters

Eva was kind enough to interview me about Siren Song, Tawni Waters, and book publishing. She also raises important questions about the size of my head (which has never been successfully measured by science).

Take a look!

chime in around 1:02:00 to hear me

Audio Interview on Corazón Belingüe with Brenda Nettles-Riojas

Tawni Waters is a writer, actor, college teacher, and gypsy. Her first novel, Beauty of the Broken, will be released by Simon/Pulse in Fall 2014.


Kirkus Review: The Long Ride Home

Eighteen-year-old Juliet, also known as Harley for her beloved motorcycle, has two distinct sides to her personality.

Harley is spirited, adventurous, motorcycle-riding, sometimes “speeding down a leather-black highway at a hundred miles an hour,” but also soul-searching, lonely, and devastated by her beloved young mother’s untimely death in a house fire. 

Second Time Books Review: The Long Ride Home

"But soft, what light from yonder (browser) window breaks? It is a review—of The Long Ride Home"

The inherent nature of a used bookstore lends itself to the fact that the books are not, in all likelihood, new. However, I’m rather punchy to say that I’ve been given the opportunity to review Tawni Water’s forthcoming young...

School Library Journal Review on Book Verdict: The Long Ride Home

Gr 9 Up—Harley, born Juliet to an actress and still reeling from the recent loss of her mother in a fire, embarks on a road trip to bring her mother's ashes home to New York. Since the fire, Harley, who feels at fault for leaving a candle burning, has been living with her mother's best friend, Mercy, in Los Angeles. Her father hasn't been involved in her life for a very long time.

School Library Journal Review: The Long Ride Home

YA Lit or New Adult? Six Titles for Older Teens | SLJ Spotlight

While the jury is still out on whether new adult is actually a thing, teens have more and more access to books about the post–high school life. Whether looking for a sophisticated, genre-bending read or in need of a luscious family drama, these titles are just right for older young adults.

RhaneBowReads Review: The Long Ride Home

Harley's story was so real for me. Finding a book that was a good read and still so straight forward and honest about loss was so refreshing. Losing a parent is brutal. No matter if you watch it happen with cancer or have it happen suddenly as in an accident and having this story be so honest...

The Official YABC Blog Tour: The Long Ride Home by Tawni Waters

Today we're excited to be part of the blog tour for Tawni Waters' book The Long Ride Home. 

Read on for more about Tawni, her book, plus the top 5 not-to-be-missed places on a road trip!

Maureen O'Leary Review: The Long Ride Home

Tawni Waters’ new release The Long Ride Home is one of the best YA novels I’ve read since this same author’s excellent Beauty of the Broken released in 2014. Like that wonderful, award-winning novel, The Long Ride Home centers around a tough and intelligent girl facing difficulties that would throw the strongest adult for a loop.

Tomorrow Is Another Day: The Long Ride Home

Harley lost her mother a few months ago, and she hasn’t even begun to recover. But it’s summer now, and summer is a time of change. So, Harley sets off on a road trip to come to terms with her loss, find out more about her mother’s past, and scatter her mother’s ashes. Her best friend, Dean, goes along for the ride, but Harley doesn’t know what to do...

coffeelovingbookoholic Review: The Long Ride Home

when i read the summary for this book, i was sold. i read roadtrip and that was all i had to know. i love books about roadtrips, because i love going on roadtrips myself. but what i got here, was so much more. i was so happy, that the publisher approved me for this e-copy via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Never Too Many To Read Blog Tour: The Long Ride Home...Guest Post & Giveaway

Tawni was kind enough to share her inspiration for The Long Ride Home...


I started writing this novel when I was teaching a summer creative writing workshop at Lehigh.  I’d just won the ILA for my first novel, Beauty of the Broken, so I felt very pressured to produce something “good.”  I gave writing something proverbially “good” three tries.

A Thousand Lives Lived Review: Beauty of the Broken

"Contemporary Duo Reviews #1: My Beautiful Failure + Beauty of the Broken"

Guess what? After reading this book, I can see the truth in everything. Broken-down contemporaries are simply the best, especially since the message behind them are so strong and gorgeous.

ARC Review: Beauty of the Broken

Beauty of the Broken is not one of those "light" reads- it's raw, emotional, and gives you a lot to think about while reading it. It's one of those books that leaves you feeling something, and it took me awhile to actually write the review for this wonderfully heart-breaking story.

Book Drunkard Review: Beauty of the Broken

I don’t even know how to continue.  I’ve been trying to write this review for a week and have been unable to find the words to convey how reading this book made me feel.  I read it in less than a day, unable to put it down, and it left me feeling empty and full all in one.

The Crazy Bookworm Review: Beauty of the Broken

Beauty of the Broken is one of the most exceptional novels I have ever read. In Tawni Waters' author bio it mentions that she is a poet, and that definitely translates into her writing. The writing style had such a beautiful poetic flow to it; the words just lyrically dancing off of the pages.

Kansas National Education Association Review: Beauty of the Broken

Fifteen-year-old Mara was never given the choice to be different. Her parents, an overbearing one-minded father and an alcoholic mother, make life very restrictive for Mara. She begins to find escape with her classmate Xylia.

A Reader's Diary

The Long Ride Home: Author Message + Giveaway

If you're reading The Long Ride Home, you're probably as weird as I am, which makes me love you already. I'm glad a kindred spirit picked it up, as this book is a huge piece of my heart. It translates many of my life's most important experiences and loves to fiction. I was pregnant at the age of 18, but I've never written about the subject until now.

Small Press Reviews

A Temple to My Obliterated Place: Curtis Smith Interviews Tawni Waters About So Speak the Stars

"I was in a place of intense grief as I wrote this.  I’d lost just about everything that defined me, including the great love of my life.  I think half of these poems were silent screams, because it’s not cool to scream out loud when you’re in a youth hostel in Edinburg or in a double-decker bus on your way to Germany."

Juncture Notes

Reading past genre, and a conversation with Tawni Waters

"If you’ve met Tawni Waters, you won’t forget her. If you’ve walked with her on a cold winter night or sat beside her on stone steps or whispered a secret to her in the castle of an old campus or showed her the wooden giraffe you call She, you’ll know, you’ll always know, that she’s been with you. Otherworldly is a word dreamt up for Tawni."